workshop program 1812.xlsx
14/01/2020 Tuesday
16:15-16:40Opening of CLC Workshop - Registration and CoffeeWater Research Institute
16:40-16:50Opening greetings by Shlomo Bechor – Dean, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion
16:50-17:00Opening greetings by Shavit Dan - Nesher's Chief Technologist
17:00-19:00Session 1, Chair: Konstantin Kovler
17:00-17:301.1 Israel David (David Engineers, Givat-Shmuel, Israel) - Why construction is booming in Israel
17:30-18:001.2 Arnon Bentur (Technion, Israel) - Turning marginal aggregates into useful concrete component
18:00-18:301.3 Liberato Ferrara (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) - Self-healing stimulated by crystalline admixtures in
chloride rich environments: is it possible to extend
the structure service life?
18:30-19:001.4 Ole Mejlhede Jensen (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby) - Autogenous shrinkage revisited
19:00-21:00ReceptionWater Research Institute
workshop program 1812.xlsx
Wednesday - 15/01/2020
08:30-12:20Professional Tour - Haifa Port Tour
* Tour requires registration
Gathering at the Rabin Building (Near the Water Institute)
12:20-13:00Back to the Technion
13:00-14:00Lunch Water Research Institute
14:00-16:00PhD Course presentations
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:10Session 2 , Chair: Liberato FerraraWater Research Institute
16:30-16:502.1 Konstantin Sobolev (University Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA) - Green Cementitious Systems Based on the Off-Spec Fly Ash
16:50-17:102.2 Sabrina Spatari (Technion, Israel) - Life cycle assessment of light-weight aggregates from coal ashes
17:10-17:302.3 Rina Wasserman (Western Galilee Academic
College, Acre, Israel) - Performance of the cement
based mortars for repairing the internal lining of
steel pipes for drinking water supplying
17:30-17:502.4 Daman Panesar (The University of Toronto, Canada) - External and Internal Aspects on the Durability of Concrete Structures
17:50-18:102.5 Gabriela Bar-Nes (Ben-Gurion University, Israel) - The chemical durability of cement pastes and geopolymers substituted with dolomite-based quarry-dust
18:10-19:00Free time
19:00-21:00GALA DinnerWater Research Institute
workshop program 1812.xlsx
Thursday - 16/01/2020
08:00-08:15Coffee and pastriesWater Research Institute
08:15-09:45Session 3 , Chair: Konstantin Sobolev Water Research Institute
08:15-08:303.1 Daniele Kulisch (Technion, Israel) - The effect of grinding process on recycled cement paste fines
08:30-08:453.2 Amer Alatawna (Ben-Gurion University, Israel) - The effect of compatibility and dimensionality of carbon nanofillers on cement composites
08:45-09:003.3 Piotr Brzozowski (West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland) - Corrosion and abrasion resistance of underwater repair concrete under hydrostatic pressure
09:00-09:153.4 Antonina Goncharov (Technion, Israel) - Comparison of clinkers produced using different layers of oil shale
09:15-09:303.5 Jennifer Anette Canul Polanco (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby) - Variation in phase quantification of white Portland cement by XRD
09:30-09:453.6 Sofija Kekez (Silesian University of Technology, Poland) - Simulations of Electrical Conductivity of Composite Materials and Optimization of Artificial Neural Networks
09:45-09:55Short Break
09:55-11:10Session 4 , Chair: Chi Sun PoonWater Research Institute
09:55-10:104.1 Igor Lapiro (Technion, Israel) - A rapid method to test the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors in reinforced concrete
10:10-10:254.2 Gui Li (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby) - Air void analysis of hardened concrete without colour enhancement
10:25-10:404.3 Alexander Mezhov (Technion, Israel) - Effect of soaking time in a solvent on hydration stoppage of cement
10:40-10:554.4 Tatiana Maslov (Technion, Israel) - A simple method for determining the diffusion coefficient of radon in concrete samples using charcoal
10:55-11:104.5 Louise Green Pedersen (Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby) - Fine recycled concrete aggregates particle morphological parameters and packing properties
11:10-11:25Coffee Break
11:25-13:05Session 5 , Chair: Sabrina SpatariWater Research Institute
11:25-11:455.1 Chi Sun Poon (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) - Effect of seawater on the hydration of tricalcium silicate
11:45-12:055.2 Maria Chiara Caruso (STRESS, Naples, Italy) - Life Cycle Assessment on the use of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes with enhanced durability for structures in extremely aggressive environments: case study analyses
12:05-12:255.3 Alex Ozersky (INKAS Group, Toronto, Canada) - Dry forced packing of blends for Ultra High Performance Concrete
12:25-12:455.4 David Stackelberg (Concretec, Yavne, Israel) - Evolution of the mass balance of water in the hardening process of cement-concrete compositions
12:45-13:055.5 Vyatcheslav Falikman (Scientific Research Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete, Moscow, Russia) - Effect of Alite Content in Sulphate-resistant Cement on Heat Release in Massive Hydraulic Engineering Structures
14:05-15:45Session 6 , Chair: Yossi Sikuler Water Research Institute
14:05-14:256.1 Vladimir Chernov (Ashdod Port, Israel) - Macro-synthetic fiber reinforced concrete: Experience with port pavements applications
14:25-14:456.2 Denis Yurlov (Israel Railways) - Prestressed Concrete Sleepers Failure Investigation Case Study
14:45-15:056.3 Andrei Shishkin (Technion, Israel) - Portland cement production from fine fractions of concrete waste
15:05-15:256.4 Genadijs Sahmenko (Riga Technical University, Latvia) - High Performance Concrete Using Dolomite By-products
15:25-15:456.5 Blessen Thomas (Providence College of Engineering, Chengannur, India) - A study on the mechanical properties of concrete containing waste tire rubber aggregates
15:45-15:55Closing remarks and Awarding the best student paperWater Research Institute