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Amer Alatawna (Ben Gurion University, Israel): The effect of compatibility and dimensionality of
carbon nanofillers on cement composites
Gabriela Bar Nes (Ben Gurion University,
The chemical durability of cement pastes and geopolymers substituted with dolomite based quarry dust
Blessen Thomas (Providence College of
Engineering, Chengannur , India):
A study on the mechanical properties of concrete containing waste tire rubber aggregates
Piotr Brzozowski (West Pomeranian University
of Technology, Szczecin, Poland):
Corrosion and abrasion resistance of underwater repair concrete under hydrostatic pressure
Jennifer Anette Canul Polanco (Technical
University of Denmark, Lyngby ):
Variation in phase quantification of white Portland cement by XRD
Maria Chiara Caruso (STRESS S.c.ar.l ., Naples,
Life Cycle Assessment on the use of Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concretes with enhanced durability for structures in extremely aggressive environments: case study analyses
Vladimir Chernov (Ashdod Port, Israel): Macro synthetic fiber reinforced concrete: Experience with port pavements applications
S. O. Ekolu (Department of Civil Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, Auckland Park, South Africa): Chloride – Enhanced Delayed Ettringite Formation (CLDEF): an Obscure Process
Vyatcheslav Falikman (Scientific Research
Institute for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete,
Moscow, Russia):
Effect of Alite Content in Sulphate resistant Cement on Heat Release in Massive Hydraulic Engineering Structures
Liberato Ferrara (Politecnico di Milano, Italy): Self healing stimulated by crystalline admixtures in chloride rich environments: is it possible to extend the structure service life?
Antonina Goncharov (Technion, Israel): Comparison of clinkers produced using different layers of oil shale
M. Guerrieri (Victoria University, Werribee, Australia):  Geopolymer Damage due to Leaching when Exposed to Water
Gui Li (Technical University of Denmark,
Lyngby ):
Air void analysis of hardened concrete without colour enhancement
Ole Mejlhede Jensen (Technical University of
Denmark, Lyngby ):
Autogenous shrinkage revisited
Sofija Kekez (Silesian University of Technology,
Simulations of Electrical Conductivity of Composite Materials and Optimization of Artificial Neural Networks
Igor Lapiro (Technion, Israel): A rapid method to test the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors in reinforced concrete
Tatiana Maslov (Technion, Israel): A simple method for determining the diffusion coefficient of radon in concrete samples using charcoal
Alexander Mezhov (Technion, Israel): Effect of soaking time in a solvent on hydration stoppage of cement
Alex Ozersky (INKAS Group, Toronto, Canada): Dry forced packing of blends for Ultra High Performance Concrete
Pan Feng (Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Construction Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University, Nanjing, China) Nanoscale Observations of Tricalcium Aluminate Dissolution in Water by Digital Holographic Microscopy
Daman Panesar (The University of Toronto,
External and Internal Aspects on the Durability of Concrete Structures
Louise Green Pedersen (Technical University of
Denmark, Lyngby ):
Fine recycled concrete aggregates particle morphological parameters and packing properties
Chi Sun Poon (Hong Kong Polytechnic
Effect of seawater on the hydration of tricalcium silicate
Genadijs Sahmenko (Riga Technical University,
High Performance Concrete Using Dolomite By products
Andrei Shishkin (Technion, Israel): Portland cement production from fine fractions of concrete waste
Konstantin Sobolev (University Wisconsin
Milwaukee, USA):
Green Cementitious Systems Based on the Off Spec Fly Ash
Sabrina Spatari (Technion, Israel): Life cycle assessment of light weight aggregates from coal ashes
David Stackelberg (Concretec , Yavne, Israel): Evolution of the mass balance of water in the hardening process of cement concrete compositions
Rina Wasserman (Western Galilee Academic
College, Acre, Israel):
Performance of the cement based mortars for repairing the internal lining of steel pipes for drinking water supplying
Denis Yurlov (Israel Railways): Prestressed Concrete Sleepers Failure Investigation Case Study